3rd Ave Closures and the Idaho St. Drive-up - UPDATE 9/13/2023

Hello valued customers,

UPDATE for 9/13/2023:

We have been notified that the closure of 3rd Ave tomorrow will be bigger than previously planned.  It looks like the closure of the northbound lane on 3rd will have the whole section of that road closed.  3rd Ave to E. Washington.  I have attached the map we have been sent.  Customers can use the southbound lane of 3rd Ave. to enter and exit the drive-up, but customers coming in from the west will only have the front south drive-up entrance to use.  Please click here for a map of the closure.

3rd Ave. will be closed a couple of different times as they continue work on the Zip Trip gas station next door.  Attached here, we have included a map of the two different areas that will be closed and when.  The first closure is just the southbound lane for water service work.  This won't affect the drive-through entries and exits. PLEASE SEE INFO ABOVE FOR AN UPDATE.

The next slide shows the more challenging time when the southeast entrance to the drive-up will be closed.  Being able to turn on the southbound lane to the Idaho intersection will be closed as well.  The south entry and normal exit will be open.  Dates for this closure are as follows; 9/20-9/22 & 9/25-9/26.

As these closures are due to the Zip Trip gass station, we apperciate your patiernce and understanding as this does affect those who use the drive-up.

Thank you for your continued business,

Three Rivers Bank of Montana