More than just convenience — easily make purchases and earn rewards with an instant issue Three Rivers debit card.


We offer Contactless EMV Cards! Now you can simply tap your cards on terminals to pay. Please contact the Card Services team with questions at [email protected].

Getting a new card is easy. We can print a new card for you in-bank in a matter of minutes so that you no longer need to wait for the mail. 

Is your card not working and it is after banking hours? Our team will reach out to you to confirm if it is fraud. If you need to expedite the process please call our card servicer at 1-855-961-1602, you must have your full card number when calling.

  • Free Visa® debit card accepted around the globe and online
  • Use your debit card to qualify for rewards with free Kasasa® checking accounts
  • Fast, free, and easy
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • More convenient and safer than checks
  • Eliminate cost of purchasing checks
  • 24/7 access to funds via ATMs
  • Easily withdraw funds from ATMs

Need to activate or change your Debit Card PIN? Please call 1 (888) 227-3096.

Be sure to call the toll free number from a phone number we have on file for you. Feel free to reach out to us to verify the phone number(s) we have on file or to ensure proper activation of your debit card.

When following the prompts, the system is asking for the cardholder’s information, not the primary account holder’s information.

If activating a business debit card, typically the system requires the last four digits of the cardholder’s SSN; however, if that does not work try the last four digits of the business’s TIN.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card? Please call 1-877-226-2351.

Card Fraud? Please call 1-855-961-1602, you must have your card number at the time of the call.

Now when you open an account, lose a card, or your card is broken simply stop by either location to receive your new card. In a matter of minutes you will be out the door with a new card that is linked to your Three Rivers Bank account.

The security of your accounts is and always has been a top priority for Three Rivers Bank. Debit card fraud affects every bank worldwide and we take it seriously. We are committed to providing you with the most advanced fraud protection solutions available.

Due to an increase of fraudulent debit card activity initiated by foreign merchants, we are blocking transactions originating in foreign countries, except Canada. In addition, we have seen increased fraudulent debit card activity initiated by merchants in the state of Texas. At this time we have blocked some types of debit card transactions in Texas.

If you'll be traveling out of state or country, please provide us with the dates of travel, destinations and a phone number where you can be reached. If you anticipate conducting transactions through an online retailer located within a foreign country or a different state please provide us with the date you plan to transact as well as the location. You can contact us at (406) 755-4271 or (406) 755-5432.

As a protective measure, transactions may be blocked if they appear to be suspicious. This includes use of your card in places that are not ordinary for you, such as in other parts of the country or overseas. The bank will try to contact you at the phone number we have on record before taking steps to block your card if a transaction is suspicious. Please contact the bank if you have a new telephone number or if you are using only a cell phone number where we may have had a land line number previously so that our contact information for you is up to date. For added security, always use PIN-based transactions for both credit card and debit card transactions.

Are you traveling internationally? Please let the bank know so we can ensure your card will not be flagged as lost or stolen. Also, let us know if you do not have a chip card (EMV), because in some countries you have to have a chip card to use an ATM. If we need to order a chip card please allow 2 weeks for the new card to arrive.

Debit Card SCAM ALERT!

We have been alerted to a scam involving fraudster calling our customers claiming to be from the Banks Fraud Department and notifying them their debit card may have been compromised. An automated system asks the customer to enter the full 16 digits of the card number.

Three Rivers Bank does not ask for your card number, we have that information on file. THIS IS A SCAM!! Please do not give out your card information. Please call the Bank if you have any questions or if you have given out your card number information.

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