Three Rivers Bank System Upgrades

Hello and welcome! This page will guide you through much of the sytem upgrades we currently working on. There are important dates in the Customer Letter below, a section for how to configure Quickbooks and Quicken integration, as well as how to sign into Online Banking (or as it will soon be called "GoBanking").  These upgrades will take effect May 16, 2022.

Customer Letter

Recently Bank CEO A.J. King, on behalf of Three Rivers Bank, sent a letter to you explaining the system upgrades which are about to happen. Please follow the link below to read a copy of the letter. 

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Customer Letter

Intuit Customer Conversion Instructions

Please follow the links below. If you are in the habit of downloading your account data into Quickbooks and/or Quicken, this information will show you how to easily keep this functionality on your upgraded GoBanking platform.

QuickBooks Desktop Conversion

QuickBooks Online Conversion

Quicken Conversion


Here are some helpful links and a video on how to login or enroll into GoBanking.  Included are helpful documents on how to make transfers and enroll in debit card alerts.  

GoBanking Login Video

GoBanking Auto Enroll

GoBanking Transfers

Card Alerts in GoBanking